Your Teeth Are Numbered … !

Dato K. got up one morning, it was dawn. The early morning sunrise was painting the horizon, a smear of goldenish yellow color spread across the mountains of Kinabalu. Gazing at the sight before him, he wondered where the glorious days of his life had gone. It was just yesterday when he used to live a glamorous life. Being a foreign delegate meeting people all across the country, he was very vocal and socially distinguished. Dinners, meetings, social events, public speeches were just among the highlights of his life in the fast lane. Until about a year ago, a tragic accident had changed his life totally.

It happened early in the morning, the car he was driving lost control  and entered a ditch. Hours later he woke up in the hospital having suffered few fractured bones, and laceration wounds. Dato K. had lost his teeth in the process, his bottom molars that did most of the chewing had cracked and had to be extracted. The whole incident had been a disaster to him. Recovering from the bone fractures was easy, but socially and psychologically he was badly affected. The trauma lived inside him, he couldn’t chew his food at all. Dentures were made for him but it never gave him the feel of his old teeth. Unable to chew with the dentures, he stopped using them and started chewing with his front teeth. It wasn’t a sight for sore eyes, it disturbed him everyday. He had significantly reduced his social outings and meetings.

Dato K. had heard about MalaysiaCosmeticDentist through a casual chat with one of his relatives. It occurred to him that he probably needed some new alternatives to resolve his dilemma. He made an appointment to us, and explained to us about his issues. We had a good discussion, getting a full history of events that had occurred, What He wanted, and the Expectation He had from Us.


… that is what was left of his teeth …

A full diagnostic model was made for the patient, recording specific details of the patients mouth and his missing teeth. His existing teeth had suffered some damage due to the accident, causing them to have chipped and restored with some huge composite fillings ( perhaps done in the previous Hospital he was admitted itself ). All of his upper teeth were ruined, broken and missing due to the trauma he suffered.

He was offered 2 options, ONE, placing implants to replace missing teeth, and TWO, a full unit lower bridge with cantilever pontics. Obviously implants would have been a fantastic idea, but looking at the prognosis survival rate of the existing teeth, we decided to protect his heritage that he had left and place few more teeth in his mouth.

Investigations were carried out, to study bone structure and thickness for the upper jaw, and teeth vitality for the lower original teeth. An OPG X-ray was taken to aid us in preparing the final treatment plan, having a thorough discussion with our German technician.

The upper teeth were very loose and had to be extracted due to bone loss and gum disease over time. Severe bone resorption over the molar region had made it difficult to place implants at the posterior region ( the back inner side of the upper jaw ) due to its close proximity with the underlying sinus. Therefor, an upper telescope implant system was initially placed at the anterior region ( front part of the upper jaw ), after which a full upper acrylic denture was constructed. This had given the patient a good full set of upper teeth to start with.

As for the lower, a long span full ZICORNIA bridge was made with 3 extra teeth ( pontics ) attached to the end of the bridge – 2 on one side and 1 on the other side. It was designed based on the upper teeth, maintaining patients original bite.

He now serves the Malaysian embassy, back to his life is the fast lane. He had literally got his life back!

He now serves the Malaysian embassy, back to his life is the fast lane. He had literally got his life back!