Cosmetic Intervention

We are here to deliver solutions to your dental dilemma. Every patient that walks into our studio has their own set of problems and challenges. We work together as a team to create a perfect solution to their dental issues, using cosmetic interventions. This involves a fair amount of dental engineering in order to rectify teeth appearance, adjust malocclussions, and correct crossbites.

This intervention works best for complicated cases where it involves different expertise to treat different dental problems. Each problem is addressed accordingly, following a sequence of treatment plan chronologically. The most important and necessary issues are addressed first, while factoring in what the patient wants and expects as an outcome from the entire treatment plan. This process involves a lot of knowledge input and time in order to make sure the patient understands the entire process. For an example, a 56 year old woman comes in with a set of dental problems, complicated with dental phobia. She has been experiencing sleep apnea for the past few years, while snoring and snorting heavily. Besides that, she is unable to chew her food properly and in the midst of all that she had put on a couple of pounds.


The first time she wrote in to us, she was afraid and unsure of what to do. She mentioned that she was unhappy with everything that has been going on, and most importantly she “hated dentists”! We communicated over emails for a while before she decided to take the bold step of coming to meet us for just a simple consultation. We would never forget her first day in our consultation room, she was literally shaking in fear and her hands were wet from perspiring. Well we understood her anxiety, perhaps it explains why her teeth needed attention to begin with.

The treatment planning process for her had already begun … starting with Reassurance! We spent a good deal of time with this patient, as she needed to understand that we are ready to help her. We discussed about what she wanted, and then designed a Cosmetic Intervention for her. After days of talking and planning, she finally managed to shake her fear off. By the next visit, where we had this woman all ready for her treatment.

The plan was to achieve the following objectives:-

1. Restore her posterior teeth (molars)
2. Create a proper occlusion and good bite to secure jaw and tongue from dropping back when she sleeps at night – to treat the sleep apnea
3. Repair and strengthen existing from teeth for function and cosmetic purpose
4. Replace missing or badly damaged teeth with titanium implants and Zicornia crowns
5. Full mouth cleaning and restorative works

The duration to complete treatment took almost 6 months in total. The process was very technical, and the planning was crucial as it was a complicated case. But the results at the end of the day was promising. Once the treatment was complete, she started to smile more often. Her brand new set of teeth has given her confidence and she was overwhelmed. She had even shed a couple of pounds over the past few months since she was able to chew and enjoy her food. As for the sleep apnea, the occurrence had reduced as well. She was happy with her appearance and the overall treatment. Needless to say that a happy personality brings about bigger and more positive changes in a person, both physically and mentally. This is her smile, taken 2 weeks ago from an iPhone.



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