Crowns / Bridges / Veneers

We are trained to provide aesthetics solutions to those who want and need dental treatment. WE HAVE ATTENDED TO VARIOUS DIFFICULT CASES, AND having specialized in this field we have always delivered great results. In this division, we construct prosthesis that protects and covers any defected teeth- giving it a WHOLE new look and appearance. With specific dental engineering, we construct prosthesis to protect and strengthen weak, abused teeth, and as well as replacing them.

Dental prosthesis are fabricated materials to mimic our teeth. They function as a single unit protection over a weakened tooth structure, a Crown, and as well a multiunit prosthesis replacing missing teeth by the support of other existing teeth, a Bridge. As opposed to implants (bone supported titanium screws), dental bridges help replace missing teeth using the existing adjacent teeth in the mouth. It is dependent on the neighboring teeth for support, and possesses good strength and stability as well. It is a similar concept to modern architecture where the pilling is done to support the foundation of a superstructure.

Generally, dental crowns and bridges make very good cosmetic prosthesis. They don’t only protect defected or discoloured teeth, but also gives a tooth a new form, size, color and texture. The advantage of a crown, or bridge is that it controls the aesthetics of the dentition by modifying its exterior attributes. It has the power to rehabilitate poor looking teeth to spanking brand new pearly white teeth, almost as if you were born with it.

Veneers, on the other hand, are cosmetic lamination’s that are placed at the labial surface ( the front visible surface of your teeth ) to enhance the beauty and appearance of the teeth. It gives a marked dramatic improvement to the look of each individual tooth, hence bringing out a brand new beautiful smile. It is usually done in conjunction with Smile Designing, where the overall appearance of someone’s smile is altered for cosmetic reasons.

Though there are limitations using this technique, the results are usually overwhelming as it is a very conservative approach in treating the original teeth. Consider veneers, to be an overhaul of your entire dentition – it’s like a plastic surgery of your teeth, except it is not so harmful since it is minimally invasive. Ever seen someone put on their contact lenses? Well, this is similarly the same method, except veneers sticks on firmly, and remains there permanently.

This patient got a full set of upper veneers done to enhance her smile. She flew in just specifically to attempt reduce her anterior open bite, which turned out quite good despite the challenges. However, she was advised that veneers aren’t the best option for treating anterior open bite. She was happy to accept, and the results turned out great.

Cosmetic prosthesis play a great role in lifting up self esteem, while repairing and protecting natural teeth that has been a victim of abuse – either from natural malformation, staining, root canal treatment, trauma and other sources of destruction. If used correctly, they will turn out to be a patient’s best friend- they will stick around and serve you in need. So Smile Right with us, it only takes a simple visit to know more about your own dental health.