Dentistry has taken a revolution since the existence of dental implants. What is a dental implant? Well in simple words, it is a titanium screw that is placed into the gums to replace a missing tooth in the mouth. Implants are the closest replica to having your natural teeth again. It is 10 times stronger as compared to the strength of a single tooth, while it is safe and provides support to the surrounding bone and gum structure.

It works by osteointergrating with the bone, forming a very strong bond that provides good tensile strength as well as high compressive strength. These features are the reason why dental implants are tough and reliable. Most importantly, they are biocompatible!

We only believe in using the best quality implants in the market. Our implants bare a Swiss trademark and all of its components are fully imported. Each implant bares a serial number and have been certified. The crowns fitted onto the implants are fabricated from Germany, and hand finished locally by our German Master technician.

The procedure is pretty much easier than it looks.

  1. The missing tooth site is examined and a specific treatment plan is made.
  2. The implant is placed into the missing tooth site – no pain involved!
  3. The crown is fabricated later to fit onto the implant.


Now how hard is that! Our technology and approach is evidence based, hence giving you the best quality of materials and service at an affordable price! You have read enough about implants. Curious to know what it looks like?





STAGE 1 : Assessment and Treatment Planning

STAGE 2 : Implant placement – And YES, we do not let her leave the clinic without any teeth!!

STAGE 3 : The Finishing! The final product are German made crowns designed specially for the patient, in this case it was fabricated according to her taste, teeth color and shape desired!


Well in this case, we had a case of problematic dentition complicated with missing teeth!

The treatment was satisfying, and this woman was pleased! At the end of the day, it’s the choice we make that determines the outcome.

Many of us are unaware of the fact that missing teeth can lead to further problems with the gums and teeth. What we do know is that it gets hard to chew food once a tooth is extracted. But what we don’t realize is that a missing tooth could result in the upper opposing tooth to grow into its space, while the side neighboring teeth will eventually tilt towards the empty lot of the missing tooth, creating a gap between teeth. For more understanding on this issue, you might be interested in this 2 minute clip … to broaden your horizon on effects of missing teeth.

A whole load of information on why a tooth needs to be replaced explained. Early intervention however would give you the advantage to curb this problem and reduce long term damage. Contact us today for a simple consultation on your dental health and we will be glad to help you.

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