Gum Treatments

The pink gums, surrounding our teeth are not strangers to us. These soft, but strong tissues in our mouth play a very significant role in protecting our teeth. It provides support, blood supply and most importantly it serves as a protection vehicle to the overall oral environment. Most often we are not aware of how important our gums are to our teeth. The whole periodontium structure together with our gums serve a great purpose in keeping our teeth healthy.

Your gums are the clothes to your teeth. It lies over your strong jaw bones that supports them. The gums play a very significant role in protecting your teeth by keeping a balance between the good and bad microrganisms in the mouth. A good set of healthy gums are pink in colour usually with a tinge of black pigmentation for certain ethnic groups. Healthy gums usually looks like this :


Some say that a smile is never complete without having a glimpse of some pink gums. Our gums gives us indications whether something is not right about our oral health. The appearance, the feel, and the condition of our gingiva tells us things that we do not know. Many times we find ourselves wondering why does our gums bleed when we brush our teeth. Sometimes it even bleeds spontaneously, upon slight pressure or while eating. This phenomenon is very common these days, but sometimes it is complicated with tooth mobility and bad odour. The solution is simple … gum treatment!

1.Daily brushing , 2 times a day
3.Mouthwash (containing Chlorhexidine, preferably)
4.Regular dental check ups
5.6 monthly Scaling & Polishing with your dentist
6.Wearing mouthguard – for those who grind their teeth, which could lead to gum recession

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Our gums are an important asset to us, they provide us with good support and aesthetics.
However due to certain factors which could alter the biological and mechanical properties of the periodontium structure, the gum undergoes changes. This is when we start developing tooth sensitivity, bleeding gums and tooth mobility. Any inflammation of the gums are referred to as Gingivitis, where the gums appear to be red, swollen and bleeds easily on touching. Prolonged Gingivitis, if untreated however could result in permanent bone loss and destruction of the periodontium tissue. This stage is known as Periodontitis, and it is experienced when there are teeth mobility which hurts when it’s being knocked on. In severe cases, the teeth develops a purulent discharge (whitish pus liquid) around the gums of the affected tooth.

It is very important for us to look after our gums, simply because it provides a very fundamental support to our teeth and dental ecosystem. Neglecting them would result in deterioration of the gum health, followed by tooth mobility and eventually tooth loss. Hence, treating gum problems are crucial before they become worse.

Did you Know?

  • There is a tiny space between your tooth your gums, it is called “the sulcus”- which is pretty much normal
  • in severe gum diseases (or periodontitis), the depth of the normal sulcus (2-3mm) is increased due to the loss of attachment of the gum to the tooth
  • This is called “pocketing”, and this condition needs to be treated
  • Among the common signs and symptoms of this condition are tooth sensitivity, gum bleed, tooth mobility and in worse cases pus accumulation

At Malaysia Cosmetic Dentist, we carry out Laser Dental Treatment to treat your gum problems. It is done by using Emundo Dye together with Diod Laser to eliminate periodontal infection and pocketing.

Now that we know how vital our gingiva health are, lets put some thought into the cosmetic point of view. In certain cases, the gums are very prominent on smiling. They call this the ”gummy smile” ! This could be due to very prominent lip muscles exposing a lot of gums with a simple smile. Many of us face these problem, to the extent that we do not smile or laugh naturally anymore. Sometimes even our teeth are not fully erupted, giving us a gummy smile with short looking teeth!

  • After Treatment – Beautiful lengthy teeth, less gummy Smile

The simple solution to this would be treating the gums – Crown Lenghtening. This is done by increasing the length of the crown clinically, thus giving the teeth a better and more aesthetic look while reducing the gummy smile. With a simple use of a Laser technology, the gums are modified to make the appearance of the teeth to look longer. The results are almost always promising, and has a significant difference to the patients dental cosmetics.

Laser Gun Treatment done using precise markers, reducing the Gummy Smile

The Results A Month Later

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